To The Friends Who Punctuate Our Lives


How do we engage with different types of friends? What are the thoughts and conversations that are particular to that relationship?

Recently, on Instagram, we introduced a poetry series called "To the Friends Who Punctuate Our Lives" by @bekahjin.


The first installment is a poem about the friends we don't talk to and meet up with very often, but are still close to:

to the close friends we hardly meet

we greet each other with knowing laughs full 
of its-been-so-long-s
exclaiming how-have-you-been-s instead 
of how-are-you-s
we don’t knock on each others’ doors very often and
some have the audacity to question
but we know, we know 
that it is the passing of many silent months that
gathers and curates our smaller everydays into 
larger stories that we happily discover and unravel 

we are well-versed in the art of the to-be-continued,
picking up the sentence upon which we had paused
months-ago, mid-sentence, half-written, un-finished
and in parting, happily marking 
into place another comma,
knowing that we will pick up our pen together 
again later.


The second installment is about the people we long to be friends with, and the energy that surrounds such a relationship:

to the fascinating ones 
we’ve been wanting to befriend

i’ve been searching, for 
some time now, for 
the Right Time to Say Hi — 
you have the kindest smile! and
you drink cold brew (like i do)! and
there’s something there about you but 
i’mnotsurehowtoapproachyou! and
i’d love to casually strike up a conver-
-sation, perhaps in passing, but
there has been! no! passing! — 

i’ve tapped through your instagram stories
but i’d love to share a story over
a bagel and a coffee — we can talk
about design and about
doggos and the divine but
really, all this to say: i hope
we become good friends someday!


The third and final installment is about the friends who we could go deeper with:

to the best friends
we could inch closer to

we’ve known each other for quite some time
shared shampoo bottles and midnight cries
netflix accounts and 2 AM fries
a buy-one-get-one free, they chuckle,
one never too far behind the other. 

hesitant i am to bring this up
but we’ve territory left yet to be shared
i’m curious to know your thoughts on the afterlife
on donald trump and 2020 (this might get confrontational)
on climate change and whether that’s even debatable
all the pressing problems we see in our world
and all the topics that we’re advised to avoid

i’m scared it might get tense
i’m sure it might get sticky
but it would be an honor 
to wade through the messy 
and awkward and tricky
conversations with you.

Rebekah Choi