Gentle’s mission is to create opportunities for the integration of gentleness into our daily lives, communities and public engagement.


We live in a time in which gentleness is undervalued in our individual, communal and public lives. We believe that intentionally incorporating gentleness into our lives and communities is the solution to many problems of this day and age, such as loneliness, disconnection and divisiveness.

We insist that being gentle is a strength, not a weakness; an assertive act, not a passive response; a courageous stance, not a compliant silence. With this belief, we aim to craft a brand that celebrates gentleness as a wise, admirable, empathetic, difficult-yet-necessary practice that we all need, no matter who we are or where we are.

So what do we do? 

Every quarter, we choose a theme that explores an aspect of gentleness.

Around that theme, we partner with a like-minded organization to host a “Gentle Space” - a gathering to learn, converse reflect, and create change.

We feature products from various businesses that reflect our theme.

We produce content on our social platforms that tackle our lingering questions and larger thoughts around gentleness as a whole.

Our theme for October-December is “Kinship”.